Tank you angel abby〜TOYTRYTOPS〜

去る9月1日と2日、香港はangel abby SPACEで行われましたトイ展示即売イベントTOYTRYTOPSも無事に終了いたしました。



次回はふたたびの出場となりますTaipei Toy Festivalです。

On the 2nd, toy exhibition spot sale event TOYTRYTOPS performed in angel abby SPACE has also ended Hong Kong safely with this past September 1.
It was during a typhoon's drawing near, but I also have many people come this time, and it's the thankful limit.
The one as the calorie to the original toy doesn't know the place which stops yet all over the world, these two days, I think it was a very powerful event.
It's going to be able to be corroboration also to think of the FLATBASESTUDIO which is a robot thing variously.

Thank you very much for Mr. angelabby who planned this event and supported it in everything really.
And thank you very much for your everybody who came likewise.
I'm waiting to be able to meet everybody again in spite of a place.

Next time is Taipei Toy Festival which becomes the appearance which is again.
The overseas expedition which is continuously is very taut!

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